Application for
Replacement Card

Cards Express Online allows you to replace your cards with one simple online application. Our SS process – smart system  – will automatically generate and send out the forms.

Get It Done With Us

If you have either lost or misplaced your card, or if your card has expired, you no longer need to maintain dozens of different contacts, sites, usernames, and passwords. Now you can apply online for your replacement using our smart system application, or SS card application

Replacement Card

If you need a card replacement, indicate the type of card, fill out a simple questionnaire, and we will request your replacement with total security. Card will be requested at the highest prioroty.

Change of Name or Updates

Social card replacement: if you have changed your name because of a marriage, court order, or any other social reason, just indicate that you need to update your card info.

First Time Card

Our system can also prepare applications for first-time cards if you have never had a card before our SS – smart system – will help you out. and get you going in no time.

Data Security

Whether you apply for a replacement or for a new card, or even a change in name, rest assured that your information is protected by the most sophisticated industry protocols, including AES-256 Bank/Military Grade Database Storage Encryption. Security of your card request is our top priority.

How it Works

1. Access the Request Link section of this site and indicate the type of replacement you need. We will email you a link to a secure application.

2. You fill out the simple replacement card application adapted to your specific needs.

3. You will receive a mail-ready package via email with all the necessary paperwork.

4. You mail out your requests.

Done. That’s it!!

Managing Your Card Replacement Process Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Cards Express Online will guide you throughout the process, with help via phone or email. When you apply for your card with us, we will be here to help you streamline the whole process,

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